SouthEast Title Corporation
Title Insurance
Escrow Agent / Settlement Agent / Closing Agent
Signing & Notary Services

Includes: $350 for title search, tax certification, production of title insurance commitments and final title insurance policy or policies and sending the policy or policies to the owner and/or lender; and $350 for closing attorney explaining closing documents, overseeing and notarizing their execution, providing copies of the documents, disbursing funds from the transaction,  filing the legal documents with the appropriate county Superior Court Clerk and sending final documents to the parties and/or lender after the closing.

That’s it.  Very simple.  No hidden charges.  No add ons.


All services may be customized and fees adjusted to the particulars of a transaction to save the customer money, when possible. NEVER MORE THAT $700.00.   MIGHT BE LESS!

TITLE INSURANCE PREMIUMS:    Please read below and refer to Title Insurance,
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SouthEast Title is an agent for three title insurance companies.  Each has its own schedule of premiums.  We are happy to discuss each company and the different premium amounts, which are calculated on the purchase price and/or loan amount, as applicable.
The companies that we are agents for and links to their web sites and premium calculators are on the next page.


1) An Owner's policy at the same time as a Lender's policy (same transaction) DOES NOT require payment of both full premiums.  When an Owner's policy is purchased in such a transaction, the Owner's policy premium gets a full credit for the amount of the Lender's policy premium PLUS only an additional $150 "simultaneous issue" premium. (i.e. Owner's premium - Lender's premium + $150 = Net Owner's Premium)

2) Most Lenders also require a CPL (closing protection letter) from the Title Insurance Company with the Lender's Title Insurance Policy, which adds an additional $50 to the Lender's policy premium.

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