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Title Insurance

SouthEast Title is an agent for three companies.  Please follow the links to their web sites for more information and rate calculators for title insurance premiums or call us and we will be happy to explain "title insurance" to you.

Chicago Title Insurance Company

Insurance Rate Calculator

Investors Title Insurance Company

Insurance Rate Calculator

National Title Insurance Company

Insurance Rate Calculator


Please contact us with questions and/or quotes specific to your particular transaction.


1) An Owner's policy at the same time as a Lender's policy (same transaction) DOES NOT require payment of both full premiums.  When an Owner's policy is purchased in such a transaction, the Owner's policy premium gets a full credit for the amount of the Lender's policy premium PLUS only an additional $150 "simultaneous issue" premium.
 (i.e. Owner's premium - Lender's premium + $150 = Net Owner's Premium)

2) Most Lenders also require a CPL (closing protection letter) from the Title Insurance Company with the Lender's Title Insurance Policy, which adds an additional $50 to the Lender's policy premium.


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